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Photo by Serge Seva

Welcome the 21st century of robots that wash windows and clean floors, you can also get serenaded in the shower even the Jetsons did not have that. Most of us are ready to turn over a household chore to a machine and today this is completely possible. For example there is a robot that will keep your floors clean without fuss or complaint. You just have to keep this worker charged and they will perform their function indefinately.

Winbot is a window cleaning robot that never complains when it’s time to wash windows Winbot cleans windows just the way you do the soft pad sprayed with glass cleaning fluid moves around the surface of the window scrubbing the spots that you might miss when the job is finished the robot uses vacuum suction to defy gravity and stick to the window surface. As an added precaution against accidents it has safety line for working at higher elevations.

Robot room vacuums have come a long way in efficiency where you can attach a micro fiber pad and turn it into a dry mop and the unit will learn how to navigate a room quickly where it figures out where the walls are, backs up and routes around table legs and other obstructions. They typically have a battery that runs for about 90 minutes in standard cleaning mode and a little over an hour and turbo mode for a more thorough job robots are good for daily cleaning pick up loose dirt and pet hair but it’s not designed for a deep cleaning.

Shower gadgets will keep you entertained even when you are soaked and so the ishower is a water resistant Bluetooth speaker the cost about $100 it works with any Bluetooth device including Apple brand droid phones and tablets, You can listen to music podcast audiobooks in the shower around hot tub at the pool anyplace that gets wet or damp you can hang the hook over the showerhead or mount on the wall inside or outside. It runs on replaceable batteries inside a waterproof compartment to protect the power and preserve the longevity of the batteries

The best gadget solution to the annoying problem of remote-control overload that seem to multiply like rabbits producing stacks of remote controls for your loved gadgets. The harmony ultimate remote from Logitech could squeeze them all into one. You have to do a little groundwork to start first you make a list of the brand names and model numbers for the devices you want the harmony to control then plug the remote into your computer enter the lists and you’re ready to go. Instead of turning on each device and finding the channel radio station that you want the Harmony offers on-screen buttons that say watch TV or play a DVD for around $300 the harmony ultimate is more expensive than other high-end remotes you can find for $100 or less but the ultimate has several unique features like channel guide on its color screen and the ability to let everyone in the house turn their smart phone into their own personalized remote.

Desktop gadgets are interactive mini applications that can be placed anywhere on the user’s desktop – or docked in the Sidebar – to show new email, weather, photos, and personalized news. Google offers a gallery of pre built gadgets for download on the official website. For developers, Google offers an SDK and an official blog for anyone who wants to write gadgets or plug ins for Google Desktop. An automated system creates a developer hierarchy called the “Google Desktop Hall of Fame”, where programmers can advance based on their gadgets’ number and popularity.

Safety gadgets must not be regarded as gimmicks or toys. They are developed by respected companies to serve a critical objective, which is guarding your family and property. An example of exactly where professional advice could be welcomed and advisable, is the fitting of surveillance cameras (CCTV). The installation of this kind of security gadgets can be complicated, depending on your demands!

Desktop gadgets are desktop widgets; small specialized applications that are generally designed to do simple tasks, such as clocks, calendars, RSS notifiers or search tools. They can also be used to control external applications such as Windows Media Center.

One category of gadgets for the kitchen is spatulas. There are spatulas for scooping up and flipping food. There are spatulas for scooping up and flipping food as well as draining the liquid or fat from it. Then there are spatulas for spreading anything willing to be spread. Read on for more details on each type of these gadgets for the kitchen.