Gadget Girl

Gift Ideas for the Gadget Girl in Your Life

1473738204561_upload.jpgA girl loves her gadgets and in case you have not noticed, she generally likes them to be trendy. So, that is the first thing you want to keep in mind when you go out on the hunt for any occation gift gadgets for a girl. Most girls in their teens and early twenties are very tech savvy and with your gift giving help they can be even savvier than they were before! She’ll love you for these great gifts!

Best Gadget Gift Ideas for Girls #1

Netbooks are Trending Like Crazy

Let’s go all out with the first gadget gift idea for the girl in your life with a netbook. These small, versatile, and powerful laptops are the perfect gift for the girl on the go or the girl who doesn’t need a big laptop just yet. Most of the latest netbooks, although smaller, are jam packed with memory storage and are often faster than their big brothers. Your gadget girl can use her netbook anywhere she goes and with the Wi-Fi capabilities she can get online anywhere there is a Wi-Fi hot spot. These netbooks generally come with a webcam and built-in microphone so if your girl is far away, you can video chat with her on the Christmas gift netbook.

Best Gadget Gift Idea for Girls #2

OMG-Designer Netbook Bags

If you get her a laptop or she already has one the next step is a cool but sturdy designer laptop bag. To find the most chic style of netbook carrier bags you may want to start your Christmas gift hunt online. Most major retail stores will only carry a few different styles whereas the internet can give you the hook up with hundreds if not thousands of the best designer netbook carrier bags (or knockoff designer netbook carrier bags).

Best Gadget Gift Idea for Girls #3

Get Her Read On with an E-Reader

One of the hottest tech items on the market today are e-readers; the Kindle. This is one of the best gifts for your daughter that you could imagine. Not only are you giving her something that she will find technically awesome but you will also be encouraging her to read. Give yourself a high five for that one!

Best Gadget Gift idea for Girls #4

1473738620533.jpgUniversal Car Adaptors for Your Gadget Girl on the Go

If your Gadget girl is on the go, whether in her own vehicle or in yours, then car adapters for all of her gadgets is a must have. You can generally get a universal adaptor that will cover most if not all of her gadgets. This will keep her gadgets powered up and ready to go while she is on the go.

Best Gift Idea for Girls #5

Jump Drives will Keep Her Jumping

A jump drive may not seem like the coolest gift, but it is a necessity for your gadget girl. This way she can store personal information on it and pop it into another computer and have the information right at hand. This way she won’t have to worry about keeping up with CD-RWs or hoping that all of her work was saved on the internet.

Best Gadget Gift Idea for Girls #6


If you haven’t already bought her a cell phone, now might be the time. Flip through the channels and you are bound to come across some great deals going on in the cell phone world. A gadget girl is one more prone to texting, so getting her a cell phone with a QWERTY keyboard will make you the cool parent on the block for sure!